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A loved one who cherishes his lover

Saturday, June 24. 2017🌎
A complete happiness — ie, a true happiness — requires consciousness of one’s happy state.


To possess “the good”

Friday, June 23. 2017 🏆
Perhaps this is what Eros is after: not only to have the object of one’s desire, but to be consciously aware of it in real-time. And this conscious awareness in real-time, is what it is to possess something forever since once the moment is captured into a memory, the moment has the potential to last as long as the mind lasts. This awareness must be what causes the emotion or sentiment which people commonly call “gratitude.” But more importantly, I think that it might also be what genuine “happiness” actually is — to possess “the good,” and to be consciously aware of it while still in possession of it.

Self-conscious beings

Thursday, June 22, 2017.
Mature persons are necessarily “self-conscious” beings; not merely rational or social. And if the mature person doesn’t have a clear definition of what well-being itself is, then she cannot fully appreciate what she has or does not have, for she will not even know what belongs to her. Furthermore, his language would seem to reduce the mature individual to the status of a dependent child or beneficiary — little more than a slave, really. It makes no difference whether the slave is well-cared for or not.

The sort of animal that lives for the pleasure(s) of the day

Tuesday. June 20, 2017.🔥
I had asked him: “Would you follow your God, even if you knew that following your God would lead you to hell?”
He had two answers. The first one he gave was this: “Following God would not lead me to hell.” But then I pressed him further, insisting that he take my hypothetical situation seriously. And finally he answered, “No, I would not follow God if I knew that following him would lead me to hell.” And I remember responding to him saying that if I were God, I would not want people to follow me simply because they wanted to go to heaven or to avoid going to hell, because what they would be choosing in those cases is not to follow me for my own sake, but for the benefits that choosing to follow me would bring them.