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A Home for Socrates

Wednesday , August 30, 2017 🌊
But if this is right, then this is still interesting — because if I were to want to realize a certain sort of theoretical world — namely, a world with an environment that would be more helpful/beneficial to a certain sort of subject, like a Socratic subject, a healthy subject — then, I suppose that the best way I could do that is by looking to that subject as my guide to building such a world. And, if I had such a desire/aim to build such a theoretical world, I think that my goal would be not to change my healthy subject, but simply to accommodate the world to my subject. I would want to realize a world in which whatever my healthy subject found pleasant, would be guaranteed to benefit her as well.


A way of perceiving the world without prejudice

Sunday, August 13, 2017.🌞
According to Parmenides, it is the ideas and images in our mind-caves that “come-to-be” and “pass-away.” But these are illusions, and it only appears to us as if something were “coming-to-be” or “passing-away.” Nothing is really “coming-to-be” and “passing-away” out there in the world


Tuesday, June 13, 2017.
And here, the situation is a bit like the way it is with Euthyphro’s evolved gods: whatever is actual is so in virtue of the mind judging it to be so (but whether the actuality is true or not is another matter, and is quite the opposite of the situation with Euthyphro’s evolved gods).
But knowledge — as I had said — requires actually-true beliefs, not merely potentially-true ones, and obviously not actually-false beliefs. Though, I think it must be said that all actually-true beliefs are always potentially-true beliefs in some sense (but not the other way around).


Monday, June 12, 2017.
And so, it is this fact that Socrates knows that he knows no-thing that proves that Socrates’ questions are necessarily sincere. That is, they are not rhetorical questions. They’re very genuinely questions.

Being and Becoming

Friday, June 9, 2017.
“…if nothing that comes to be can sidestep the now, whenever a thing is at this point, it always stops its coming-to-be and then is whatever it may have come to be.”
(Plato, Parmenides, 152c-d)


Tuesday, June 6, 2017. 🔥
My translation: “Pay attention to the story that you hear, whether you think that it is the only way of searching. Now then, just as “it-is” [is] so also as “not-it-is” is not, Persuasion is the path — discovery [ie, “truth”] attends it — even as the “not-it-is” also must not be, I show to you that to follow that way is wholly unaccountable. Neither, then, would you experience* the “not-being” — that’s just not possible/accomplishable — nor be pointing it out.”

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