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The benefit in having a well-functioning soul

Tuesday August 8, 2017.
Unlike Aristotle, I never say that it is the person who “functions” well. It is the soul that benefits the person precisely because it is the soul that is something with a function in relation to the person. People don’t have functions — except, maybe, to be someone to whom all functions could exist in relation.


“Happiness” really does feel good

Sunday, August 6, 2017.
I don’t know what Aristotle would say, but my hunch is Socratic, and I think that everyone can live in the most genuine and authentic way as possible, and that in fact, everyone does want to live in the most genuine and authentic way as possible, and finally, that it’s realistic to think that we could and should build a world in which all people can and do live in the most genuine and authentic way as possible.

The Hero’s Journey

Thursday, August 3, 2017.
I think that the activity of the soul more chiefly has to do with the “motive-forming” ability. That is, satisfaction of a motive can only happen once a motive has been consciously formed. In other words, there can be no story without a hero and her background to provide a plot-seed with which to compel the story towards its conclusion.

“Objective Essences,” Function of a Man, and other Absurdities

Wednesday, August 2, 2017.
Plato knows that he can’t bring the real stuff into the cave. You can only try to lead the person to the outside of the cave. In an example, Socrates/Plato makes a distinction between the image-of-the-sun vs. the real and unnameable thing-itself which is outside of the cave. But since the thing-itself that’s outside of the cave can’t be named or spoken of (only experienced), it’s hard to help the people inside of the cave understand what you’ve seen — except by turning some of that experience into words. And this is how “cave-talk” (ie, ideas/images) are created. And in “cave-talk,” the thing-itself that the person has experienced outside of the cave is called “the sun,” and this word is itself an image of the thing-itself in the real world.