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The sort of animal that lives for the pleasure(s) of the day

Tuesday. June 20, 2017.🔥
I had asked him: “Would you follow your God, even if you knew that following your God would lead you to hell?”
He had two answers. The first one he gave was this: “Following God would not lead me to hell.” But then I pressed him further, insisting that he take my hypothetical situation seriously. And finally he answered, “No, I would not follow God if I knew that following him would lead me to hell.” And I remember responding to him saying that if I were God, I would not want people to follow me simply because they wanted to go to heaven or to avoid going to hell, because what they would be choosing in those cases is not to follow me for my own sake, but for the benefits that choosing to follow me would bring them.


Techniques of Propaganda, God, and Tupac

Friday, June 16, 2017.
One day (much later than one would expect to realize such things), it dawned on me that Tupac was “black,” and that I wasn’t. I realized that his love and his words weren’t intended for me. I felt like an outsider — like someone who woke up and realized that world that they had been living in all this time wasn’t intended for them, but that they were only getting a tour of what was originally created for the sake of rich, educated, White men. I remember that it made me feel a little bit sad, disappointed, hurt, and also embarrassed. I had always thought that Tupac was somehow beyond all that, but it turned out that he wasn’t. I realized that “black” people were racist, and hateful, and ignorant — and that he was singing his songs for them, to help them heal. I realized that “black” people had suffered a lot, and that they were still suffering. And I realized that “black” people needed Tupac’s love for them, in a way that perhaps I didn’t.

The domain of morality

Thursday, June 15, 2017.
On my view, morality concerns what is good or bad and what is pleasant and painful — and these things can only be assessed by the sovereign individual, the God, the Self. No one else has the authority to judge these things.