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This is a comprehensive list of the bibliography tags for all of my journal posts. You can search for my posts related to each work by clicking on the linked title of the work. With one small exception, the tags are organized in alphabetical order by author’s last name, then in alphabetical order by title of the work. Plato gets his own section at the beginning — just as Socrates occupied a privileged place in Plato’s own heart.

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Plato ◊ (399 BCE?) Apology
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Charmides
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Crito
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Euthyphro
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Gorgias
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Laches
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Meno
Plato ◊ (370 BCE?) Parmenides
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Phaedo
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Phaedrus
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Philebus
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Protagoras
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Republic
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Symposium
Plato ◊ (360 BCE?) Timaeus
Plato ◊ (380 BCE?) Theages
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Aeschylus ◊ (458 BCE) The Oresteia
◊ Alexander ◊ (200?) Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics
Anscombe, G.E.M. ◊ (1957) Intention
Arendt, Hannah ◊ (1963) Eichmann in Jerusalem
Aristotle ◊ (350 BCE?) Nicomachean Ethics
Aristotle ◊ (350 BCE?) On the Heavens
Aristotle ◊ (350 BCE?) On the Soul
Aristotle ◊ (350 BCE?) Physics
Aristotle ◊ (350 BCE?) Politics
Aurelius, Marcus ◊ (167?) Meditations
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Becker, Lawrence C. ◊ (1998) A New Stoicism
Berker, Selim ◊ (2017) “The Unity of Grounding
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CiceroAgainst Catiline
Cicero ◊ (44 BCE) De Fato
Cicero ◊ (45 BCE) De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum
Cicero ◊ (45 BCE) De Natura Deorum
CiceroPro Caelio
Cohen, Stewart ◊ (2016) “Theorizing about the Epistemic
Conee, Earl ◊ (2016) “The Epistemic
Curd, Patricia ◊ (1996) A Presocratics Reader
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Darwall, Stephen ◊ (2011) “Civil Recourse as Mutual Accountability
Derveni Papyrus ◊ (340-320 BCE) Derveni Papyrus
Diogenes Laertius ◊ (300-201 BCE?) Lives of the Philosophers
Doyle, James ◊ (2013) “Plato: Moral Psychology
Doyle, James ◊ (2013) “Rational Bargaining” (The Philosophy of Law: An Encyclopedia)
Doyle, James ◊ (2004) “Socrates and the Oracle
Doyle, James ◊ (2011) “Socratic Methods
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Epictetus ◊ (135 CE) Echiridion
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Foot, Philippa ◊ (1978) “Virtues and Vices and Other Essays in Moral Philosophy
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Gager, John ◊ (1983) The origins of anti-semitism
Gandhi, Mahatma ◊ (1922) “Freedom’s Battle
Gauthier, David ◊ (1986) “Morals by Agreement
Geach, Peter ◊ (1956) “Good and Evil
Gibson, Roy K. ◊ (2012) “Gallus: The First Roman Love Elegist
Glassen, Peter ◊ (1957) “A Fallacy in Aristotle’s Argument about the Good
Griffin, Jasper ◊ (1977) “Propertius and Antony”
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Herman, Barbara ◊ (2009) “Morality and Moral Theory
Herman, Barbara ◊ (1981) “On the Value of Acting from the Motive of Duty
Hesiod Theogony
Heslin, Peter ◊ (2011) “Metapoetic Pseudonyms in Horace, Propertius and Ovid”
Hieronymi, Pamela ◊ (2006) “Responsibility for Believing
Hieronymi, Pamela ◊ (2009) “Two Kinds of Agency
Hippolytus ◊ (170-236) Refutation of All Heresies
Hobbes, Thomas ◊ (1651) Leviathan
Homer ◊ (8th c. BCE?) Iliad
Homer ◊ (8th c. BCE?) Odyssey
Hume, David ◊ (1738) A Treatise on Human Nature
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◊ Joakim, Sahar ◊ (2017) “A Pragmatic Solution to the Value Problem of Knowledge
Johnson, W.Ralph ◊ (2012) “Propertius
Julius Caesar ◊ (58-49 BCE) The Gallic Wars
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Katz, Leonard ◊ (1986) Hedonism as a Metaphysics of Mind and Value
Keith, Alison ◊ (2008) “Qualis et unde genus? Sexutus Propertius, His Friends and Relations
Kelly, Thomas ◊ (2002) “The Rationality of Belief and Some Other Propositional Attitudes
Korsgaard, Christine ◊ (2004) “Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals
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Lawrence, Gavin ◊ (2011) “Acquiring Character
Lawrence, Gavin ◊ (2009) “Human Excellence in Character and Intellect
◊ Lawrence, Gavin ◊ (2011) “Is Aristotle’s Function Argument Fallacious?
◊ Lawrence, Gavin ◊ (2001) “The Function of the Function Argument
Lear, Jonathan ◊ (2010) “Ethics and the Organization of Desire
Lear, Jonathan ◊ (2009) “To Become Human Does Not Come That Easily
Lyne, R. O. A. M. ◊ (1979) “Servitium Amoris”
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Machiavelli, Niccolo ◊ (1513) “Letter to Francesco Vettori
Machiavelli, Niccolo ◊ (1532) The Prince
Madison, James ◊ (1787) “The Federalist, No. 10
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Parmenides Way of Discovery
Pincus, Matthew ◊ (2004) “Propertius’s Gallus and the Erotics of Influence
Popper, Karl ◊ (1945) The Open Society and its Enemies (Vol.1), The Spell of Plato
Popper, Karl ◊ (1945) The Open Society and its Enemies (Vol.2), The High Tide of Prophecy
Propertius ◊ (29- BCE?) Monobyblos
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Rinard, Susanna ◊ (2017) “Equal Treatment for Belief
Rinard, Susanna ◊ (2015) “Reasoning One’s Way Out of Skepticism
Russell, Bertrand ◊ (1959) Wisdom of the West
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Scanlon, Tim ◊ (2017) “Contractualism and Justification
Scanlon, Tim ◊ (1998) What We Owe to Each Other
Schofield, Malcolm ◊ (1986) Cicero for and against Divination
Segvic, Heda ◊ (2007) “No one errs willingly: The meaning of Socratic intellectualism
Segvic, Heda ◊ (2007) “Two or Three Things We Know About Socrates” (From Protagoras to Aristotle)
SenecaLetter 47: “On Master and Slave”
SenecaLetter 70: “On the proper time to slip the cable”
Seneca ◊ (65) Moral Epistles
Shah, Nishi ◊ (2005) “A New Argument for Evidentialism
Shiffrin, Seana ◊ (2012) “Are Contracts Promises
Shiffrin, Seana ◊ (2008) “Promising Intimate Relationships and Conventionalism
SimpliciusCommentary on Aristotle’s Physics
Simonides ◊ Fragment PMG 542
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Taurek, John ◊ (1977) “Should the Numbers Count?
Thoreau, Henry David ◊ (1854) Walden
Thucydides ◊ (404 BCE?) Peloponnesian War
Timmermann, Jens ◊ (2017) “Autonomy, Progress and Virtue
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Unpublished Drafts (An assortment, by various authors)
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Vlastos, Gregory ◊ (1982) “The Socratic Elenchus: Method is All
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Whiting, Jennifer ◊ (1998) “Aristotle’s Function Argument: A Defense
Williams, Bernard ◊ (1985) Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy
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