Ancient Greek Philosophy

Studying Ancient Greek Philosophy can…

boost critical thinking skills;
improve writing ability and grades;
promote insight into other reading materials at school;
provide students with a greater body of knowledge by engaging with primary sources;
increase self-esteem and self-confidence by fostering self-awareness and mindfulness;
offer students the opportunity to “debate” or “analyze” ideas;
empower students by giving them an increased vocabulary for clear and precise self-expression…

…and more!


Discover Ancient Greek Philosophy!


♥ What does studying Ancient Greek Philosophy as an extracurricular activity entail?

Students currently have two options:

♦ Option A: 20 weeks of Plato’s Republic ($500 for the whole course) 

Option B: 4 weeks of Plato’s Euthyphro ($100 for the whole course

Weekly meetings are about an hour long. And there is some homework involved. Students are asked to do some portioned reading, and to prepare for our meeting hour by coming up with 2-3 questions to ask. This is just so the student can get the maximum benefit from studying with a tutor.


♥ How does studying Ancient Greek Philosophy benefit the student?

If you ask me, one ought to become acquainted with philosophy as early as possible! That said, I realize that nobody is perfect. And so, I will settle for sharing Plato with HS students and young adults.

There are several benefits of engaging with a primary source. The first benefit is that you become exposed to different interpretations of the same work. The second benefit is that you are given more tools to understand why certain views are taken, and not just that they are taken.

Analyzing a philosophical text can bring clarity to fuzzy areas. Works of Ancient Greek Philosophy have the added value of being a piece of history in addition to being fun to read and analyze.

No previous philosophical background is necessary. The only requirement is that the student be able to read and write in English — and have a natural curiosity in general.


Contact me for current availability. Price of the courses are based on a $25 hourly rate. Courses can be extended as needed on an hourly basis.

◊ Also please note that I book my appointments 2-4 weeks in advance. This way, I can reserve the desired time and day for all of my students. Sorry, but I don’t offer refunds for student “no-shows” or last-minute cancellations — except in emergency situations.


About Kendi:

♥ Education: UCLA, BA in Philosophy & Classics
♥ Experience: 3+ yrs tutoring school-age students and adults in various subjects