Being and Becoming


1119  |  I just completed the draft of my next topic post: ‘Tragedy and Philosophy’. It actually feels good to be done with it. I had been wanting to write on this topic for a long time, and there were so many things that I wanted to say — things that I noticed that other authors did not, or could not, say.

There is a question that I had been wanting to ask, but I don’t know who I should ask. I might ask more than one person — people whose views on the topic that I’d like to know. In the meanwhile, I’ll think about it some more also. The question is: Why do masters take on slaves? I can make no sense of it. What could be the reason for doing such a thing? I can only conclude that masters wouldn’t; and yet, when I look at the world that is…masters do. Why?


1147  |  I had discovered a fabulous quote in Parmenides while I was reading on the train to work tonight.

“…if nothing that comes to be can sidestep the now, whenever a thing is at this point, it always stops its coming-to-be and then is whatever it may have come to be.” (Plato, Parmenides, 152c-d)

Tonight and tomorrow night are my last shifts at this workplace. I wonder what will happen to me, my dreams, and everything other earthly thing that I care about.