A person worth imitating


0824 |  I am about half-way done with my draft of ‘Tragedy and Philosophy‘, and I feel quite good about it so far. I was able to say a lot of the things that I had been itching to write about, as an undergraduate. I found that the prompts that were used for writing assignments in my undergraduate education often felt very restrictive. I often felt that the prompts didn’t ask so much for genuine responses, as it did for prefabricated, or even “clever,” ones.


1110 |  I took a break and was watching the Korean TV show, ‘Hidden Singer’. I skipped to watch episode 9 which featured the singer IU. During the initial introduction, IU admitted that at first, she didn’t want to appear on the show (perhaps it seemed to her to be wasteful “ego-stroking”). But her uncle kept on calling her, trying to persuade her to do the show. He said to her that doing the show would be a good experience for her.

Towards the end of the show, she mentioned that now she realized why her uncle had wanted her so much to come on the show. She said that what she had come to realize was her gratitude in being someone that her fans wanted to emulate. Her fans had put aside their own special distinctiveness in order to be the best copy of IU that they could be. They had impressed her, and the experience had made her feel grateful.

But when they were about to announce the final winner of the show, her eyes seemed to be hiding a disappointment. They had asked her who she thought would win the competition. Of course, the competition is about who sounds the most like her. It wouldn’t be very surprising if she herself won such a competition (and it turned out that she did win).

Well, aside from what IU herself may have learned, here’s what I learned: IU will inevitably continue to change and grow; who she is today is not who she was 5 years ago, just as her voice and musical style from 5 years ago is not her voice and musical style now. She must look forward, rather than trying to stay the same — both as a musician, and as a person. The world is full of people who will busy themselves with imitating the past. It’s her job to give the world a person worth imitating — whether it is in music, or in image, or in character — a role-model.

What a wise and clever uncle, for a wise and clever little girl. If only Lindsay Lohan had such a wise uncle when she was younger.

Ah. This is very helpful to my topic post on ‘Tragedy and Philosophy‘.