Alethes Sophia

ἀλήθης σοφία
Alethes Sophia means “unhidden wisdom,” but it can also mean “true wisdom.” I chose this name for my website because it combined the words ‘truth’ and ‘wisdom’ — and both are meaningful in my life.

The writings published here are selections from a personal journal of my (continuing) experience as a (wandering) student of Philosophy. The pages are centered around various meaningful quotes I found along the way.

The thoughts published here are for your philosophical enjoyment. The reason why all the pages are dated in the past, is because I usually let some time pass before deciding which of my journal entries I want to publish for sharing. Thus, the publish date on each page is the actual date of a journal entry upon which the online page is based on. Whatever event is discussed in the contents of the journal page, is an event which occurred on the day of the post.

Please send me your comments! I look forward to hearing from you, too!

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