To know a man is surely a different knowledge from knowing a lyre.

The last thing I gave him was a holiday card last month, telling him “thank you” for being like a father to me, and some other stuff to try to show him that I recognized how much he cared for me. (Little did I know at the time, that it would be the last thing that I would get to say to him.)

At least I was able to do that.

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If human beings didn’t share common experiences, some sharing one, others sharing another, but one of us had some unique experience not shared by others, it wouldn’t be easy for him to communicate what he experienced to the other.

For instance, the single musical note has little effect when its presented just by itself. What comes before, and what comes after, is what empowers the single musical note to carry so much potency.

This is the way that the story of our lives can empower us. What comes before makes the stuff that comes later relevant. And what comes later creates value in whatever came before.

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Civic virtue is to begin with the individual and work its way out into the wider city. It follows, then, that in a world where the individual is, in a sense, the state, prior constitutional distinctions will cease to have force.

A still image is powerful, because it can engender self-realization.

By remaining fundamentally unchanged, it forces me towards the realization that I am the one that has changed.

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