Alethes Sophia: Table of Contents

School of Athens, by Raphael (1509)

School of Athens, by Raphael (1509). (*Note: Plato is the one pointing INwards, while Aristotle is the one pointing OUTwards)

• Season 1. Philosophy at Pierce College, 2009-2012 (18 episodes)

Episode 1 Meaningful Speech is Having Something To Say
Episode 2 Believed to be Worthless
Episode 3 To See
Episode 4 An Honest World
Episode 5 A Monoculture
Episode 6 Where We Started
Episode 7 Imagine You
Episode 8 When Enough People
Episode 9 An Organism
Episode 10 Even to Think Wrongly
Episode 11 Of Things That Are
Episode 12 Tell the People
Episode 13 A Lover of Wisdom
Episode 14 Necessary Instruments of Understanding
Episode 15 The Cave
Episode 16 Of the World
Episode 17 Who Does Not Believe
Episode 18 Out in the Open Air

• Season 2. Philosophy at UCLA, 2012-2014 (currently being published)

Episode 1 Fall In Love With Her
Episode 2 Believable Lies
Episode 3 Will Keep a Man
Episode 4 To Prefer the Truth to One’s Friends
Episode 5 Though His Heart Breaks With Fury
Episode 6 The Man Whose Friendship Was
Episode 7 To Comfort Suffering Men
Episode 8 For the Sake of Men
Episode 9 The Pleasure
Episode 10 Be Honest With Yourself
Episode 11 More Powerful Than A Multitude
Episode 12 The Worth of A Hundred Oxen
Episode 13 A Bold Venture
Episode 14 The Strength of a Spirit

• Season 3. Philosophy in Porter Ranch CA, 2014-2015

• Season 4. Philosophy at Harvard University, 2015- (In progress)