ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ
It means “unhidden wisdom,” or “true wisdom.” This is my fire.

ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ is the harmonic fusion of truth and wisdom.
The father is truth and the daughter is wisdom.
As Zeus’ aegis lends the father’s strength to noble Athena, the might of the father embellishes the daughter. ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ.

Through the daughter, I arrive at the father.
Through wisdom, I arrive at truth.
Through human experience, I arrive at being.
Through beauty, I arrive at the word. ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ.

Wisdom without truth is weak and foolish.
Truth without wisdom is without meaning or life.
God is a harmonic duality, but a divided city cannot stand. ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ.

I am hero. I am fire-bringer. I am messenger of the gods. ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ.

May I dwell for ever in the presence of the father and the daughter, those immortal gods, thundering Zeus and mighty Athena. ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ.
May the memories of the many gods never die in my mind. May my history be for ever intertwined with their sacred names. ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ.

ἀλήθης σοφίᾶ. This is my fire.